Embroidery Tool Kit

The folks at &Stitches are having a competition! And so here is a bit of my embroidery tool kit as my entry. I made this needle book a few months ago, and I love it to death, wobbly binding and all: I picked up some vintage upholstery samples at a flea market/antique show in Dayton maybe

Half a Compass

I got over being scared of the surveyor’s compass block and picked out fabric for it. I dithered for quite a while about the little triangle of contrast color. Most of the examples I saw used a complementary color for contrast, but what’s the complementary color of brown? Nothing flashes with brown. I figured based

Boxy bag redux

That boxy bag I made the other day was so much fun that I couldn’t resist making another one.  I’m planning on giving this one to a friend. I couldn’t find a blue zipper that looked right with this fabric, so I picked up a red one instead. While I was making it, I was