All Shiny and New

I used to have a blog where I rambled about assorted crafty things, at the time mainly knitting and crochet. I decided I missed having that place where I could go on and on about whatever I’m working on.

That blog does still exist, but when I looked at it to see about reviving it, I couldn’t get past the clunky 2005-ish design I had going on, and I decided to start fresh rather than try to update the old one and drag all the old posts and terrible old photos around with me.

I make things. It’s not just that I like to make things (though of course I do) but that I have to. If I’m not making something, my mind sort of seizes up. I knit and spin and sew and crochet, some of these things better than others. Lately I’ve been sewing a lot and feeling particularly compelled to ramble about the process — and so here I am.