This Did Not Go Entirely As Planned

I’ve been working on my day-to-night drape top. (I’ll try to remember to edit a link in later — only have about five minutes before dinner.)

The good things: I did a full bust adjustment which appears to have worked perfectly. It’s a lovely top, and I love the way the drape-y neckline bit works. And I have enough of the fabric to make two more tops, which becomes relevant shortly.

The bad: The back is too small. The front piece fits perfectly but it’s too tight across my upper back. It would technically be wearable, since it’s stretchy and it’s not omg-can’t-breathe tight, but it’s not flattering. So I need to start over.

I think what I need to try next is to use the next size up but use the length from the size I just made (which would have been perfect after hemming) and plan to take the waist in a bit. The lower half of the top fits just about right, so the bigger size might need a little adjusting, but I can make it work.

Not entirely as intended

I also could have done a better job with the invisible elastic. It was the first time I’d ever used it — I was getting better at it by the end, but it’s not quite right in places.

Oh, and since I bought a bunch of that red fabric, I have enough to make two more tops out of it — yay! It would have been sad if I’d only bought the one yard and had it turn out wrong.