Helper Cat: A photo essay with bonus cat hair

This is something I posted on a Ravelry group ages ago in a discussion of Helper Cats. I came across it while trying to find something else and thought I’d put it up here, with a few extra photos from Instagram. (A few of these are from the very bad iPod camera era of my Instagram account — I seem to have a shortage of recent helpering photos.)

Vladimir is a most excellent helper. He helps me cut out and alter patterns — I handle adding the seam allowance and cutting, while he’s in charge of chomping scraps of freezer paper, swatting at raindrops on the window and attempting to make off with the scissors while I post photos to Instagram.
helper cat

He helps cause clear printer jams:
helper cat

and supervises photo shoots (he prefers to be referred to as Creative Director):
very pretty helper cat

He is an expert at bobbin changes and sewing machine maintenance:
helper cat

and he specializes in quilt basting, which he finds meditative and restful:
Thread basting with helper cat

Not that he confines his helpfulness to sewing. His bookbinding skills are legendary:
Bookbinder Cat

Yet even with Vladi’s many responsibilities, he still finds time for scientific inquiry. Here he’s just discovered incontrovertible proof that water-erase pen is also drool-erasable:
Vladi - drool-erase marker

High five.
High Five