Shiny Happy Spindle Bag

So. I like to spin. And I usually do most of my spinning in front of the TV, so whatever spinning project I’m currently working is usually on/near the couch. I can’t just leave a pile of wool out in the open — the cats will lick it and roll around in it and huff it and ask it to be their girlfriend. (Ew, on several of those counts.) Cat at least will only hassle the wool, but Vladimir is a chewer of inappropriate objects, and he loves munching on the ends of my spindles.

This is how I usually prevent feline shenanigans (note claw marks — someone must have been trying to break in). Effective, but not so much in the attractive decor department.

the classy ziploc spindle bag

Time to fix that, don’t you think? I took these:

spindle bag progress 1

and did this with them:

spindle bag progress 5

and came up with this:

Spindle bag

Spindle bag

(Can you tell I was losing the light while I took pictures?)
Spindle bag

Plenty big enough for a spindle, even a bigger one than this, and probably 4-6 ounces of wool. The Shetland in the photo is barely taking up any room because most of it is spun and wound into balls already. With any luck I’ll be ready to ply it in a couple of days.

Course I still have about four or five other spinning projects in ziplocs since I haven’t (yet) lost my mind and started mass-producing zipper bags. But this way at least whatever I’m actively working on is in its happy little bag.

Same tutorial I used for the other ones: So Chick boxie pouch tutorial but the fabric pieces were about 18″x10″ instead of 12″x10″. I noticed this time through that I’m doing something different to make the tabs, too — the first one I made, I had trouble with the directions and just did the best I could and came up with something appropriately tab-like. This time I finally caught on to what the tutorial was saying to do, but what I’ve been doing works, so I kept with it.