Just a quickie – Hexagon pincushion FO

I had a little bit longer post in mind, but I went to the library book sale at lunch instead. (Yay books for a dollar!) I need to get back to work, but I’m just going to put this here first.

itty bitty hexy pincushion

Hexy pincushion! I started out looking at the skinny pincushion tutorial from Green Bee, but I wanted to do something with hexagons. At first I was going to make one that was put together pretty much like the Green Bee with both a top and a bottom piece (but using rectangles of English paper pieced hexagons instead) but then I decided that an itty bitty skinny one would be better, so I just made the one rectangular piece, about 9″ x 3½” I believe, sewed it up leaving an opening, stuffed it, and finally learned how to do ladder stitch to stitch it closed.

My stuffing is a bit uneven — I was afraid to stress the ladder-stitched part too much since I’d never done it before and didn’t trust my seam, but I’d already stuffed the ends within an inch of their lives. But I squished it a bunch and it’s more or less even now.