Tiny Velvet Ballgown of Doom

The dolls and their wardrobe are going off in the mail tomorrow. I should have mailed them yesterday, but I wasn’t done with the Tiny Velvet Ballgown of Doom yet.

What does a Tiny Velvet Ballgown of Doom look like? Sort of like this:


This was, to put it mildly, harder than I thought it would be. I’d never sewn velvet before, and all those tiny pieces were slippery and hard to wrangle. I used a roller foot, which helped some, but it was still pretty tough. At one point I broke out the glue stick to help keep the seam allowances together while I was sewing. I am not particularly proud of that fact, but it worked.

It’s a bit of a mess on the inside. I didn’t actually intend to put that lace trim on it, but it turned out to be necessary to hide some unevenness with the skirt layers at the back seam. I took the incredibly lazy way out and just folded the fabric in thirds and hemmed the raw edge, but things went a little weird at the seam. Lace trim to the rescue!

I made some other clothes over the weekend, too. I love this animal print.

Monster on Safari

And one more dress.

Violet doll dress

The total wardrobe looks like so, with a disproportionate number of pairs of shorts since I didn’t have time to make as many shirts as I wanted to. It was either the shirts or the fancy dress, and fancy dress won.

Doll Shirts

Doll Shorts

Doll Dresses

And, um. It turns out this is what happens when you become slightly unhinged while sewing a Tiny Velvet Ballgown of Doom:

Tiny Velvet Ballgown of Doom tweets


  1. Jaye
    December 1, 2013

    I love these two dolls. I especially love the hair of the red haired doll. There is something about the texture that is great. I also love the 3 eyes on your monster doll. Nice work.

    1. Daisy
      December 2, 2013

      Thank you! I loved making them — it was my first time making dolls, and the pattern was really great. I’ve been wishing I knew more kids young enough to play with dolls so I’d have an excuse to make more :)

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