100DayProject – days 1-4

100DayProject, days 1-4

So. My 100DayProject got off to a somewhat inauspicious start. I had coincidentally scheduled a couple of vacation days for Friday and Monday before I decided to do this project, so I was going to use my time off to be amazingly productive and make masterpieces and that sort of thing.

That wasn’t exactly how things worked out. I came down with some sort of virus on Friday, and I’ve spent most of my time since then alternately sleeping, watching episodes of Red Dwarf and Gilmore Girls, and feeling sorry for myself.

But I managed to do a little every day. I did two short-ish printing sessions, and on the days where I didn’t feel up to much of anything I cut out masks and whatnot to use later on.

I don’t love most of what I’ve printed so far. But there are a couple I like a lot. (Clickable for full-size – the magically delicious texture isn’t as clear in the resized versions.)

100DayProject - days 1-4

The ones I like best have a sort of halftone effect that I got by using tulle on the gel plate. Many months ago, I impulse-bought a package of tulle circles (I think they’re meant to be used to wrap up party favors or something like that) because they looked like they’d make a nifty texture, and they definitely did. After the first print with that texture, I went a little nuts and wanted it on every single print.

100DayProject, days 1-4

Tonight I’m feeling much better than I have since the end of last week, and I had enough energy to start a collage. I’m not entirely sure where this is going next, but it seems like a decent start.

100DayProject, days 1-4