Stitching Happily

Once I drew up that schematic yesterday it was all I could think about (ooh! shiny thing!) and so later on, while sitting in front of the TV watching a hilariously bad movie that I can’t recall actually putting into my Netflix queue, all at once I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the front of it. So I got up and printed off a page from a pattern and cut some fabric and got out my embroidery stuff and started on this:

Work in progress

The pattern is one of the motifs from the Tree of Life pattern from Polka & Bloom. I altered the dimensions of the thread bin a bit to accommodate the embroidery and still have room for a strip of contrast fabric around the top. Thinking of doing a running stitch in perle cotton either around the top and bottom edges of the contrast fabric, which I haven’t picked out yet, but maybe yellow. Yellow is good.