FO – Thread Bin

I finished up my little thread bin. I’m pretty pleased with it. Especially that I had some scraps of fabric that matched the embroidery thread colors so well — I just picked out colors and started stitching without really considering what fabric I planned to use around the top.

I was having the hardest time getting good photos. Out back is too sunny, but around the front was too dark. Side yard was full of adorable but manic toddlers (I live in one of a cluster of apartment buildings). My desk upstairs wasn’t working out either. Finally I tried the kitchen for the finished bag photos, and that was just about right.

Finished embroidery, before I sewed the bag up. I hadn’t done any embroidery in many months, and I’m a bit rusty. By the end I was finally getting an even backstitch, though. Clearly I need to do more embroidery, right? I can sort of feel an embroidery kick coming on.

Finished embroidery

And finished worm bucket thread bin! A better person than me would rip out that edgestitching around the top and re-do it — see how it went all wobbly on one side? But I have no plans to.

I’d been considering doing a running stitch in perle cotton either along the top edge or just beneath the orange fabric, but I decided it might be too much and skipped it.

Thread bin - finished!

“Ahem. Why is there a photo shoot taking place without ME?”