Oh hey there

I sorta fell off the internet for a little while. I just got back from the Nelsonville Music Festival, and during the week beforehand I had a lot going on to get ready, including trying to finish the Amelia dress because I got it into my head that I must have a yellow dress with polka dots to wear.

I’ve been away since Wednesday and just got home a little while ago. Besides the music festival, there were a few side trips for hiking. I hadn’t been in that area for a while, and I missed the hills so much.

As soon as I finished placating Cat and snuggling with Vladimir, of course I did all the practical things like checking up on The Internets and downloading pictures from the camera card straight away before doing anything frivolous like unpacking. I’ll be back soon with the saga of the dress, but for now I just thought I’d leave a couple of pictures here.

(I feel compelled to point out that those are shadows in the photo and that I am not actually wearing curiously dark underpants under that dress.)

Hocking Hills May 2013

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  1. Rita
    June 6, 2013

    LOVE the dress (shadows and all)! :)

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