Tough Re-Entry

Re-entry into real life has been surprisingly tough. I didn’t think to schedule Monday off, which probably contributed to it. I like to try to get a buffer day in between coming back from a trip and getting back to work. Especially a trip where I get home as late as I did the night before starting work again! I work from home, so at least I didn’t have to look presentable on Monday. But my brain was still at the music festival most of this week, I think.

This morning’s mail brought a happy surprise. I’d mentioned that the Amelia dress pattern was from a blog giveaway I won, right? I’d also won a bundle of Micro Mod fat quarters that came separately, and they got here today. Woohoo! Sukie even threw in some extras since it took a little longer than expected to get shipped, which I really wasn’t bothered about at all.

Yay fabric!

Up till now I’ve been using what I suspect are the world’s worst pins. I originally bought them for blocking lace, but they weren’t that great at that and I ended up switching to big sturdy t-pins for blocking. So I had tons of those pins with the plastic balls on the ends just sitting around and I’ve been using those since I started sewing, but they bend if you look at them wrong and they’re not as sharp as one might hope. I already tried out those flat head pins that Sukie sent in the package, and they’re awesome. Thin but not bendy at all, and I was able to slap a ruler down right on top without having to unpin.

And one more loot photo, this time stuff I picked up at a flea market while I was away. Vintage buttons and salt and pepper shakers, all a dollar apiece! I spent a while rummaging through the button bin. I could have gone crazy, but I restrained myself a bit and just got the two cards. They should work great for the Central Park hoodie that I’m planning on making.

(We will not be discussing the fact that I’ve been planning on making this sweater and have had the yarn to make it for about four years now. Cute buttons will definitely be the kick in the rear I need to get moving on it, right?)

Also, heffalumps! I love elephants.

Buttons and Elephants

I still haven’t gotten around to talking about making the dress, have I? It’s after midnight now and I really need to get to bed, but next time for sure. I should hopefully have an FO or two soon, too. I’m really close to being done with the Project Hope mini quilt — embroidery is done, it’s quilted, and I’ve been stitching on the binding this evening. With any luck it’ll be done tomorrow night.

And the skull pillow is finally ready to be sewn up, or just about anyway. I finished the last of the marigolds today and just need to give it a soak to get rid of the water-soluble marker lines before I sew it up. Both of those seem like they’ve been underway for ages now, and all of a sudden they’re both just about done at the same time.

Pumpkin time for me. Good night!

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  1. Jodie
    June 7, 2013

    I feel like I should knit your cph for you, I love making those. I’ve made 3!

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