Look, I made a flowchart!

I was going to do a real post today and talk about my Project Hope mini-quilt and whatnot, but I got caught up with actually sewing and ran out of time.

So just a couple of quick photos with bits of disjointed text, maybe?

I’ve been doing the &Stitches June Sampler-along. I’ve got the first three sections done, all new stitches to me:

Garden Path Sampler

Yesterday I made myself a reminder of the things I keep doing wrong with the sewing machine. I get distracted and forget to put the presser foot down when I’m sewing really thick fabrics and don’t notice until the thread snarls up, that sort of thing. Clickable for full-size:

Sewing Machine Troubleshooting

Earlier this week I made a drawstring bag as a quickie instant gratification project, and it’s currently home to a thread crochet project I’ve been working on forever (which was previously stored in a ziploc bag. Stylish!)

Lined Drawstring Bag

I also started a messenger bag for Don, and while I was picking up some more upholstery thread last night, I finally got a box of those Clover wonder clips. They’re a little pricy at Joann’s but I had a coupon that brought it down to about what I would have paid from Amazon with the shipping. I got them because this bag has some really heavy fabric and I knew I’d never be able to pin the lining and outer bag together to edgestitch around the top to attach them together, and now I’m not sure how I ever lived without them.

They are fantastic. They made little cartoon hearts pop up over my head.

Yay wonder clips!