Book haul!

I just got back from the Half Price Books clearance sale — I’m so excited they finally did one here. They’re a regional chain of bookstores that sell used books and remainders. They have a warehouse store in Indiana that has a huge sale once or twice a year, but that’s a little far to drive to go book shopping (about three hours). I didn’t think they’d ever have one near here because they don’t have any warehouse stores here, but they’re having it at the expo center at the state fairgrounds. It’s huge, and everything is $2.

I wanted to go early on before it got too picked over. I wasn’t crazy enough to go stand in line before it opened, but I managed to get there around noon today, which is the first day. And I scored pretty good, I think, all this for $18:

Book sale haul!

Some garment sewing books — Clotilde’s Sew Smart and Couture: The Art of Fine Sewing by Roberta Carr (which I may never be skilled enough to make proper use of, but I can dream, right?) Some quilting books — Simply Amazing Spiral Quilts (which is full of stunningly pretty designs), Creative Quilting with Beads, which looked too interesting to pass up, and the Rodale’s Perfect Piecing book, which I’ve heard is incredibly helpful. And a few more that I couldn’t pass up, a book of Art Deco clip art borders, which is full of neat designs, and Janet Haigh’s Color on Color (I have her The Embroiderer’s Floral and it’s fantastic), Softies Only a Mother Could Love which has all sorts of fun stuff in it, and Joel Dewberry’s Sewn Spaces, which I might not make any of the projects from as-is apart from the bird sachet, which I would make more to have hanging out on my desk than as a sachet — but has lots of good ideas and for $2 it would be worth it for the great bird templates and the bird pattern alone. (Lately I’ve become possessed by the urge to “put a bird on it.”)

And now back to work!